Access to Primary Care Improved

Initiative: Integrated Telecare

Domain: Health, Social Protection


Most initiatives addressing the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities during the pandemic, such as helplines and platforms, are designed top-down, do not integrate with existing public health infrastructure, and are therefore inaccessible. Recognizing this gap in localized and customized solutions to address the needs of marginalized populations, Swasti designed Telecare, an IVR based telephonic platform to provide Covid-19 and non-COVID primary care, counselling, and social protection support.


The purpose is to demystify Covid-19, curb misinformation, provide empathetic and timely care for chronic medical and wellbeing issues with immediate needs of basic essentials, social protection and support from violence.


Key outcomes we want to achieve:

  1. Increase the number of vulnerable populations (e.g elderly, disabled, daily wage earners, transgenders) accessing primary care services
  2. Reduce the time needed to provide first level support for health conditions.
  3. Reduce out of pocket expenditure on primary health care
  4. Integrate telecare with existing health infrastructure to improve treatment adherence and ensure long term commitment to a health goal (TB elimination).


The Telecare solution has been piloted in 8 locations across India and reached 35,000 individuals in 6 months, demonstrating how technology can be leveraged to reach the unreached. We are now scaling up the solution and excited to have like-minded partners to embark on this journey with us.


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