#SahajCollective: Comprehensive Community Survey

The #SahajCollective, is a Pro Bono initiative by Dataogram to enable you to to learn more about your community and the challenges they are facing. They have created a community survey (sample) with the help of Save the Children India and Educo to comprehensively survey communities and . The survey is comprehensive and is designed to address the most critical questions and scenarios. The data you collect will be available online on (app.dataogram.com) 24 X 7 and you will get to see deep analysis of your data as well.
#SahajCollective can help you to use the standard survey or modify it. Once the scope of the survey is finalised, they will create a survey link for your organisation which can be shared & used by your team / volunteers. Each organisation will get an EOD report and real time online dashboard access
Note: Personal data (eg: Name / Address etc ) about your beneficiaries will not be shared with the co-creators
Reach out to the #SahajCollective for questions and support:
Partner Mobile: (+91) 98740 51516 | (+91) 90044 93138
Email: santosh@dataogram.com

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